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June 12,2015 Real Estate 5 comments


Our Company is an independent chain of used RETRO computer game shops devoted to the LOVE of traditional computer game, systems, and devices from Atari to Xbox. At Our Company, we BUY, SELL, and TRADE all used computer game, and while doing so, we provide players a premium, one stop purchase all their traditional video gaming requirements, plus we host amazing shop occasions, competitions, and the coolest in computer game themed antiques, tee shirts, plushies, soundtracks, and more. Our stores are growing and broadening rapidly, and we now have a fantastic online shop offered to retro players across the country.

The concept for Our Company Videogames was come from the summertime. Our objective was basic-- to produce a HUGE sanctuary in the computer game retail world where timeless and classic video games would not just exist, however here they would be cleaned up, merchandised, provided, and offered in a manner that no other computer game shop has actually ever done. Old computer game are not simply a forgotten little rack in the back at our shops-- they fill our ENTIRE shops! We do understand that this principle is the 100% reverse of the way most computer game shops run, however we like it that way.